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The Studio

Fred n’ Elvis’ is a  full-service, Pro Tools recording and mixing studio in Fairfax, VA, that offers a comfortable and relaxed recording environment. We’re ideally suited to singer-songwriters who are looking to produce, record and mix a polished, professional product.

Do you need additional musicians for your project?
We work with the best studio musicians in the DC area and can schedule them for your session or work with remotely from their studios.

Looking to have your tracks mixed? 
We have all the tools and experience needed to make your mixes sound amazing.

The studio is stocked with gear and software from companies such as Avid, Focusrite, Black Lion, AKG,  Zildjian, Shure, Waves, Slate, IK Multimedia, Kali, Pearl, Sennheiser, Audix, Audio Technica, Blue, Marshall, Paiste, 65 Amps, Vox, Joly, and of course guitars, lots of guitars and basses; Gibson, Fender, PRS, Hamer, Heritage, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Waterstone, Martin and G&L.

Click here to listen to some of our mixing and production samples.

What Does It Cost?

You may be wondering why we don’t post standard recording and mixing rates? That’s because each recording and mixing project is unique and every artist’s needs are different. 

When you contact us to set up a session we’ll go over and discuss all the details of your project and what you want the final result to sound like. We’ll quote you a price for your project and we’ll stick to that price as long as the scope does not drastically change.

Are you a solo act? We can provide you with top notch studio musicians or you can bring in your own we can record up to 16 inputs at a time. This will accommodate most bands who like to record live.

Recording and Mixing Samples

Listen to our recording and Mixing samples below. If you’d like to hear additional recording and mixing samples , just drop us a line using the form at the bottom of the page.

Production Samples

Pretty K – The Jack Pine
Produced by Dan Call
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)

Right Now Someohow – The Jack Pine
Produced by Dan Call
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)

Stop Faking It – Stolen Camaros
Recorded by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)
Mixed by Dan Rebeiz

Mixing Samples

Back When We Were We – Pete Mroz
Mixed by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)
Recorded by Warren Huart (PLAP*)

25 Reasons – Louis Berry
Mixed by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)
Recorded at Metropolis Studios, UK

City Lights – The Workday Release
Mixed by Mark Beeson (F&EGL)
Recorded by Warren Huart (PLAP*)

Package and Tour Design

We offer musicians affordable design services for cd packaging, website and tour support materials. We’ve worked with Grammy winners and top 25 hit makers and we’re ready to deliver a killer design to compliment your next musical project.

Video Editing

Play Video

Scott Kurt – I’ll Never Learn
Edited by: F&EGL
Videography: GLS Productions, Static Discharge, Josh Parks

Play Video

Scott Kurt – Girl Out There
Edited by: F&EGL
Videography: Static Discharge, Memphis 59

Play Video

Scott Kurt – American Man Lyric Video
Edited by F&EGL
Videography: Jasenn Robertson

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MIxing and Production Samples

Package and Tour Support Design

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